Cakes, fondant and an idea… how it all started!

It all started with the simple idea of baking a cake for my sister-in-law in may 2013.
I talked about covering a cake with fondant to make it look pretty for her birthday.
I searched the internet and found a retailer (Alles Torte) in my hometown, which is by the way the home of the famous “Sachertorte” – Vienna, Austria.
Then it happened that I had no time for the cake but the birthday of my sister-in-law was suddenly there. …and me without a cake because a friend needed my company in London two days before. So I had to travel to London and had no time to bake the cake. (I talked to her and she will get such a cake from me soon, so everything is fine and instead of the cake she got pretty cool things from London for her birthday, don’t worry!;)
But one week later there was the next birthday party of two of my friends…
so there it was! the perfect opportunity for my first and second fondant covered cake!!! YAY!
So I ordered (thank god that shop has a web-shop!!!)  the things I needed for the two cakes and gave it a try……
first fondant covered cake ever

…And this is the story how all of that started! 🙂

I hope you like my little blog about creating my pretty fondant covered cakes!
Comment and ask if you want to! every comment is welcome! 🙂

I will blog here about how I create cakes, recipes and useful tips & tricks!

I bake cakes for private use as a hobby!

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