A Beer Glass Cake


What you need:

(as I did it with chocolate cake in this tutorial I needed the following but you can do it with every cake and frosting combination you like!)

  • 3            6inch (15,3cm) cakes approx. 1,5-2inch high each
  • 1            glass of apricot jam (you won’t need the whole glass!)
  • ~600g  Chocolate Ganache
  • ~10-15 marshmallows
  • some    water
  • ~800g  yellow ready to roll fondant
  • ~400g  white ready to roll fondant
  • ~50g     white flower paste for the handle
  • 1            8inch cakeboard/cakecard
  • 1            sharp knife
  • 1            jam knife
  • 1            palette knife for the Ganache
  • 1            small round cookie cutter (about 1inch diameter)
  • 2           toothpicks or other wooden sticks for the handle
  • 1           8inch cake pan
  • 1           paintbrush (a new one or one you only use for food!)
  • some   golden edible paint (optional)
  • some   glitter for the foam (optional)

How to do it step by step:

  1. The Chocolate Ganache:
    Make the Chocolate Ganache on the day before you want to arrange the cake. (you can find the tutorial for my “Perfect Chocolate  Ganache” here!)
  2. The cakes:
    Bake your cakes and let them cool down completely. I picked my “Perfect Chocolate sponge cake” for that cake in size 6″ cake pans. (You can find the recipe for the cake here)
    I baked my cakes 3 days in advance  and put them in the freezer. On the day I wanted to arrange the cake I took them out in the morning so they were cool and ready to use in the evening when I wanted to arrange the beer glass cake. You can take them out in the evening on the day before and let them defrost over night if you need them in the morning.
  3. Slicing the layers:
    Take each of the 3 cakes and slice it into two layers. Now you have 6 layers of cake. You can use all 6 but I used only 5 layers because it looked better. In my opinion 6 layers would be an unrealistic high beer glass and I thought the proportion looked better with only 5 layers but you can do as you like. The one layer I had as a leftover I gave it to my niece and sister-in-law and the were very happy and enjoyed the little cake very much! 🙂
  4. Arranging the cake.
    Take the cakeboard and put a small amount of Ganache in the middle to make the first layer stick to the board. Put the first layer on the board and gently press it on, then 1 Tbsp jam on top and spread it out as a thin layer on the cake to keep the cake moist. After spreading the jam take 2-3 Tbsp Chocolate Ganache and spread it out on the jam layer. After you’re done with the chocolate you put the next layer of cake on the cake. Then again jam and Chocolate Ganache and the next layer of cake.
    Do that till you don’t have any cake layers left but don’t cover the last layer of cake like the others.
    The last is a bit special as the fondant doesn’t like the fruit acid in the jam so please cover the last layer and the side of the cake just with Chocolate Ganache! After covering and crumbcoat of the whole cake is done put it in the fridge to dry for approx. 1 hour.
  5. Create the handle for the beer glass:
    Take the 50g of flower paste and knead it to a nice texture so you can form it. Roll it to a ball shape and then roll it to a sausage shape. Take the sausage to your cake and try the length. Cut it to the right length and put a toothpick or wooden stick into each end of the handle so you can easily stick it into your cake at the end as the finishing task. Set it aside and let it dry.
  6. Covering the cake:
    My cake was about 5inch tall so I used approx. 900g of yellow fondant but it was a bit too much this is why I just gave you 800g in the “what you need” section. I tend to roll out too much fondant than I actually need just to be sure! 😉
    So take your experience and take the amount you think is good for a 5inch tall and 6inch diameter cake and cover the cake as you use to do.
  7. Imprint outlines of the glass:
    After covering is finished and you smoothed your fondant use the small, round cookie cutter to imprint a half circle about 50mm afar from the top and bottom. When you finished the round around the whole cake, take a fondant knife and draw lines between the ends of the circles on the top and at the bottom like you see in the picture.
  8. Arranging the marshmallows:
    Now the fun part begins! 🙂 arrange about 10 marshmallows on top of the covered cake and glue them with some water.
  9. White fondant foam cover:
    Then take the white fondant and roll it out into a circle with approx. 12inch diameter but not less than 10inch otherwise you won’t be able to cover the marshmallows and let some foam drip down the glass. When you have the circle put the 8inch cake pan in the middle of the fondant and cut out a blot like looking piece.
    Take the piece and cover the cake and the marshmallows and allow the fondant to set on the side. If you are happy with the shape of the foam push it down gently so it will cover the shape of the marshmallows on the top of the cake and glue the edges of the dripping foam with water on the side of the cake to the yellow fondant so that it looks like 3D foam like you can see it in the pictures.
  10. Finishing the Beer Glass Cake:
    When you are happy with the white foam you can start with the finish.
    Take the handle and push it into the cake on a spot where you think the handle looks good. You can also cover a mistake or a little crack with it! 😉
    Then take a paintbrush and paint a little line on the inside of each curve you carved earlier on the top and the bottom of the glass for a nice finish.
    You can also add some glitter to the foam so it will sparkle when you present the cake to your guests. That gives the cake a very glamorous touch and looks amazing!

Done! 🙂 There you go a Beer Glass Cake!

Have fun to create your own Beer Glass Cake and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!