How to get a flat and perfect in level cake out of your cake pan! – DIY Backingstrips

Last year a friend of my mum told me to wrap an old towel around my cake pan to get a flat and perfect in level cake… really???

Yes! Really! Trust me! 🙂

As I had a so called “Springform” – as most of the European use it in the middle of Europe for baking a cake – I didn’t do that and got low and cracked cakes with a hump as I always got.

Then I needed a high and flat cake for the USA-flag cake and recalled what she told me back then:

  1. I took the pan, not the “Springform”, and the belt of my bathrobe, as I do not use it anyway and it is like a towel and has a variety of length so you can use it with different sized pans!
    If you use an old towel then you have to cut strips out of it in size of the height of your cake pan and length so you can wrap it around at least one time! Please cut out twice the height and fold it otherwise it will be too thin and dry out too fast in the oven.
  2. Hold it under cold water and ring it out a bit just so much that it will stay still wet. Not dripping wet and not too dry because it will dry out too fast!
  3. Wrap it around your pan and if you need more than one strip you have to overlap them a bit (but not too much!) and pin them with a safety pin. If you don’t need more than one you overlap both ends and pin them together with a safety pin. The towel should be tight around the pan so it will hold your pan cool in the oven and don’t fall off.
  4. Place the pan in the oven and bake it as you would do normally. The strips of the towel will keep the temperature of your cake pan cooler and at the same temperature as the bottom of the pan so the outer rim will not bake faster than the middle and the cake will rise at the same time as the middle will rise.

The reason why you get a hump in the middle and cracked surface is that the outer rim bakes too fast because the temperature gets higher on the outside of the pan and there is still raw dough in the middle which has to rise somewhere whilst baking and then it will rise as a hump in the middle. If you cool the rim of your pan down you prevent that.

All you need for that you have at home, I bet! 😉


What you need:

•    1 old towel/ belt of your bathrobe
•    1-3 safety pins or big paperclips(all out of some kind of metal otherwise it will melt in the oven!!!)
•    Water


Have fun and try it yourself and let me know if it worked out! 🙂